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The “Non-Existent” Islamization of America

Below is a brief report on some of the peripheral events that occurred during Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff’s recent visit to Washington D.C.

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The “Non-Existent” Islamization of America
by Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff

As the Baron has been reporting for the past couple of days, he and I attended the ACT! For America National Conference in Washington DC. From June 22 through June 24.

Apart from “official” business such as the meeting with Congressman Allen West and collecting donations for my defense fund, I was able to catch up with some friends from various ACT! chapters who came in from across the nation. In addition, I spent a day in my favorite outlet mall in Woodbridge, VA.

On the last day of the conference, I had dinner with chapter leaders from Michigan and Texas. We decided on an Indian restaurant near the hotel: “Rajaji Curry House” on Connecticut Avenue. The still ongoing happy hour and the mouth-watering menu made our decision to spend the evening in this restaurant particularly easy. As we sat down, we immediately ordered our drinks and some appetizers while perusing the menu in detail. The menu did indeed promise good food. However, while the others chatted I took a closer look at the menu and imagine my shock and horror when — on the very last page and in fine print — the menu read: “We serve halal food.”

I cried out: “Sorry, you guys, but we have to get out of here! I cannot eat halal food. I am leaving. Now.”

The others immediately concurred with my decision. We motioned for the waiter and told him we would pay only for our drinks; the food order was canceled as the food was halal. The waiter was only very mildly indignant. He obviously realized that we knew exactly what halal meant. We ran outside and had an excellent meal across the street at an Irish pub. Very definitely not halal!

I always spend the early part of the day of my flight home at an outlet mall. Like last year, my destination was Potomac Mills Mall in Woodbridge, Virginia. Imagine my dismay when this year I saw this huge banner displayed in the mall, one that wasn’t there a year ago:

Potomac Mills Halal

The Petra Grill, as in Petra, Jordan. Halal food has now arrived at Potomac Mills Mall. And how many of those thousands of shoppers know what “halal” means? How many would even boycott the mall or protest if they did know?

And why do so many still insist that there is no Islamization of America?

This monster is staring us in the face, ready to devour us whole. Get up and do something about it! Support ACT! for America.


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  1. Edward G. Nilges says:

    “Halal” means simply that (1) the food is not of a prohibited category and (2) when it is meat it is prepared using a well-sharpened knife in a prescribed way. That’s all.

    Which means that the Muslims operating the restaurant probably had a good chuckle, because logically what you said was “I will not eat food”. Most food is Halal.

    The only way your assertion makes sense is that you will only eat positively non-Halal food. Do you dig on swine, lady? Do you drink blood? Must your animals be slaughtered slowly and painfully? Do you refuse to eat beef, lamb or chicken? All that pork and ham must be rather dull.

    Note that if you are anti-Halal you can relieve the monotony of pork and ham with roadkill, because Muslims may not eat carrion.

    And if I understand you correctly, you may not drink soda pop but must drink beer, wine, schnapps and other spirits morning, noon, and night. Coke is Halal, you will neither drink nor eat Halal, therefore bottoms up, kiddo!

    Must be a heck of a dinner table you set: Budweiser and Spam, and Bloody Marys with real blood and dogkill on Sunday. No vegetables and no dessert for you since they are Halal!

    News flash: Halal is a negative law meant to specify what Muslims may not eat, similar to Kosher and the Friday abstinence of traditional Catholicism. Part of its purpose is to teach self-control and self-restraint, something of which the grossly, obscenely fat Western body exhibits little.

    The Muslims do not sprinkle Halal food with the blood of Christian children. Halal is a negative proscription.

    Dig up on that dog and swine, lady!

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  3. 1389AD says:

    Thanks for calling attention to the issue of halal food.

    I quoted you here:
    Why non-Muslims should avoid halal food

    and did some further research here:

    Filthy Halal Food – Since 1999!

  4. philipzhao says:

    The “United” States of America is tranforming into a Divided States of Islamic America !

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