Elisabeth interviewed by Ezra Levant on The Source

Here are a few pictures of Elisabeth with Congressman Allen West and Brigitte Gabriel from Act! For America, taken a couple of days ago. This was the ACT! for America National Conference & Legislative Briefing in Washington D.C..


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  1. BillWhit says:

    I am an expatriate, who has lived in Austria the last twenty years. I have never read anything about Ms Sabaditisch-Wolff, and I have the Krone delivered to my front door daily. In a Socialized Democracy they can get away with this idiocy, that is why America must fight Obama, tooth and nail, so that he doesn’t get his way and change America into such a place. It is fine to say anything you want about Christianity, in Austria, but Islam is a No No. I have expected to be arrested for wearing a t-shirt, I bought in Oklahoma last November, with a red cross and the statement, “This symbol is illegal in 53 countries!” or my “American by Birth, Christian by Choice” t-shirt, but so far, so good. It is the parties SPÖ, ÖVP, Greens, and the KP (Kommunist Party) who have sold Austria down the drain, to the bloodsucking worthless EU Ba$tards! I cannot vote, but I follow the FPÖ, who seems to be the only party concerned about Austria and it’s People, instead of sucking up to the EU or Islam. I am 100% a backer of Israel, which the FPÖ is not, but sometimes you have to take a little bad with the overwhelming good. I just pray the Austrian and America People wake up to what is happening in both countries and start fighting against the Insanity of the Progressive Left.

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