Elisabeth encounters humiliation at US immigration desk

Tone Down the Rhetoric!

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Tomorrow (Sunday March 6) a new organization called The United West will be launched at an event in Miami, Florida. The new umbrella organization is an outgrowth of the Florida Security Council, but will have a wider reach, both in the United States and overseas, especially in Europe.

The motto of The United West is: “Uniting Western Civilization against Shariah Islam”.

Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff was invited to speak at tomorrow’s event, and flew in to Miami airport last night from Austria. The reception that awaited her at the airport was a nasty surprise — but maybe it shouldn’t have been, given the current regime of politically correct Multiculturalism, not to mention the depth of penetration of the Department of Homeland Security by agents of the Muslim Brotherhood.

When Elisabeth told me this story earlier today, I suggested that for next time she should invest in a black wig and some Coppertone, and then arrive at Immigration wearing a chador — they’d wave her right through.

Below is Elisabeth’s story:

I have been humiliated.

Yesterday, I entered the United States in Miami and was treated like a potential terrorist. My crime? Meeting with friends in West Palm Beach, staying at a hotel, rather than with those friends, and traveling too much even though I am a housewife and mother. That according to the words of the immigration officer, who simply refused to believe me.

Tired, hungry and exhausted from a long flight, I stood in line to enter the United States. I smiled at the immigration officer, wishing him a good day, and waited for his questions. Behind me, a long line of equally tired travelers, most of them just having flown in from Honduras and Colombia. Mr. Immigration Officer proceeded to ask me the purpose of my trip. I answered truthfully that I was visiting friends in the West Palm Beach area.

“How long have you known these friends?”

Hardly in the position to explain just the way friendships are forged in the Counterjihad, I told him that I had known these friends for quite a while.

“Where did you meet them?”

Well, how does one explain? On the internet, later in person at demonstrations and Counterjihad summits? I chose to say that we met in Brussels and Paris. Mr. Immigration Officer didn’t believe me. I was a suspicious person.

“Where is your husband?”

At home, I told him, taking care of our daughter.

“Why are you traveling alone?”

Because I want to get away once in a while, meet friends and do some shopping.

“But you are a housewife, and you are doing quite a bit of traveling.”

Considering the fact that my passport has stamps from my previous two trips to the US in 2010 and one trip to Israel, I told him that I didn’t consider these trips “a lot of traveling”.

“How do you make your living?”

Well, how does a housewife make a living? By being married and receiving an allowance, and teaching some English in her spare time.

He shook his head ever so slightly, sighed a bit, stamped my passport, scribbled on my customs form and sent me on my way. Little did I know that the worst was yet to come.

I picked up my bright pink suitcase and wanted to hand over my customs declaration, but the officer sent me to Door 8. There was trouble ahead, I realized. But trouble for what? What had I done? What was I suspicious of? I had no produce or meat in my suitcase, only two bottles of Austrian red wine.

After what seemed like an eternity — remember, I hadn’t eaten or slept in nearly eighteen hours — the customs officer proceeded to ask me the same questions that immigration officer had asked. My answers were the same. Next to me another officer opened a man’s suitcase, inspecting his smelly sneakers, seemingly looking for Colombian drugs. What on earth had I done? I dared not ask. I was no longer allowed to touch my own luggage.

Mr. Customs Officer went through my hand luggage first. And he “caught” me right away. The incriminating evidence: my dark blue file sporting a sticker “Freedom YES! Shariah Islamic Law NO!”, courtesy of ACT! for America. His eyes widened and he excitedly opened the file, where he saw my prepared speeches for this weekend’s activities. The title of one of my speeches read “Shut Up, America!” Big trouble. Mr. Customs Officer called his supervisor.

Mr. Supervisor came over and asked me even more questions, more of the same. I told him that I was interested in the subject and had written some papers on the topic. I would be meeting with friends and one of the topics would be the content of the “incriminating” paper. He politely told me he would now read my speech, but before that he asked me, “Are you anti-American?”

What? No, I said, gritting me teeth, trying to smile without throwing up, no, on the very contrary, I am a big admirer of your Constitution and the First Amendment. He moved away a few feet to read my speech, while Mr. Customs Officer continued to violate my privacy by going through my purse. He found books with the suspicious titles “The Grand Jihad” by Andrew McCarthy and “Eine Moschee in Deutschland” (A Mosque in Germany). The minutes ticked on.

“Are you a practicing Christian?” Mr. Supervisor wanted to know.

My rational side asked what it was the custom’s inspector’s business, but reality told me to answer the question. I sported my small silver cross dangling on my chain. Yes, I said, I am. (Actually, I am more Christian, than practicing, but this should not matter in any case.)

“Ma’am, what is THE UNITED WEST?” I told him the truth, that it was to be launched this weekend, an organization to defend Western civilization, Western values, universal human rights, our way of life. He stared at me, told me that he would have to look into this, and left to talk to his colleagues behind a glass wall. I must say that his demeanor was never hostile. He just didn’t know how to categorize me.

After an endless five minutes Mr. Supervisor returned, more friendly than before and said that while he is absolutely on my side, there are radicals on both sides, clearly implying that I was considered a Christian radical.

This was getting really bizarre. Me, a Christian radical? He and Mr. Customs Officer hammered some information into the computer, probably making my future entries into the US almost impossible, and told me that everything would be OK.

Mr. Customs Officer wanted to proceed to the checking of my suitcase, but Mr. Supervisor denied permission. I was OK, at least for this time. “Ma’am, thank you for what you are doing, but may I politely ask you to tone down the rhetoric and not cause any trouble while you are here in the US. Like I said before, there are radicals on both sides.”

Again, I nearly fainted at the bizarreness of this situation. “Yes, sir, of course,” I managed to say. “May I also suggest that if you are convicted after your appeal that you get a visa from your nearest consulate,” he added. We had discussed my trial briefly before he went to consult with his supervisors. I said I would, and was sent on my way.

This episode warrants some hard questions:

  • What had prompted the authorities to look into me, when they could and should have used the manpower to try and catch travelers with a high Mohammed Coefficient?
  • How many did the authorities not catch why wasting their time on a free speech advocate?
  • Why does DHS consider a traveling housewife suspicious?
  • Are other housewives treated the same way?
  • Was Mr. Supervisor even allowed by law to ask my religion?
  • Would he have done the same thing with a hijabbed housewife?
  • Was he allowed to intimidate me by telling me “to tone down the rhetoric and not cause any problems?”
  • And, most importantly, where has the First Amendment gone, whose principles were definitely violated by telling me to tone down the rhetoric?
  • What rhetoric? Didn’t he read the speech closely?

I suppose we now have to realize that standing for freedom means having to tone down the rhetoric.

My God, what has the “free world” turned into?

For previous posts on the “hate speech” prosecution of Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, see Elisabeth’s Voice: The Archives.

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3 Responses to Elisabeth encounters humiliation at US immigration desk

  1. Don Laird says:


    The hour is late, the cancer of islam has eaten to the very heart of Europe and Britain and they sit precipitously on the edge of the abyss.

    In recent weeks and days leaders from around Europe and Britain including The Netherlands, Nicholas Sarkozy of France, Angela Merkel of Germany, David Cameron of Britain, members of Australia’s parliament, Geert Wilders and many others have all condemned the policy of multiculturalism for the destruction, misery, discontent and untold damage it has reeked on their countries, cultures and people.

    The prime contributors to the civil unrest, open conflict, acts of terrorism and destruction in each of these countries have been muslims. The muslims have sown seeds of conflict, division, sneering contempt, provocation and open hostility. Without exception, every country muslims have emigrated to has suffered greatly as a result of the presence of their new guests. Muslims have spit upon and bitten the hands of those who have extended hands of welcome, generosity and hospitality. This outrageous ingratitude, this open aggression can no longer be tolerated. The time has come to send our muslim guests home.

    Calls are now being made around the world to immediately stop immigration from all islamic countries and to begin the repatriation of all muslims and muslim immigrants who have committed crimes or who espouse radical beliefs. These deportations and repatriations have been called for regardless of the place of birth, back to the Middle East and Africa. In addition to the immediate deportations are calls for laws to be passed banning the wearing of the burqa (the full bodybag covering), the hijab (headscarf) and any face covering by muslim women, this in addition to the banning of outdoor prayer sessions such as the ones seen in Paris and many other European and British cities. Now calls are being made to ban the building of mosques and pass laws making criminal all aspects of sharia law. In fact, the Swiss have now banned the building of muslim minarets and the French have banned hijabs/burquas and mass outdoor prayers. This must continue across Europe, Britain and North America.

    There are those who will condemn the deportation and repatriation of muslims back to the Middle East and Africa as unjust and harsh. These same persons who would protest the deportation of muslims would say we should not paint all muslims with the same brush. To that assertion, I ask you to recall the last time you witnessed 10,000 “Good, Peaceful, Moderate Muslims” marching in loud and vigorous protest and condemnation of the murderous brutality of the “Bad Muslims”….it has never happened and never will happen.

    (The countries that should be immediately banned are listed as the 57 member states of the Organization of Islamic Conference.)

    To dismiss this as melodramatics or rhetoric is to betray your ignorance of the true state of affairs and the clearly stated, oft and loudly repeated goal of muslims and islam; The complete destruction of Western culture and the domination and subjection of all Westerners.

    As said, the evidence of the cancerous effects of muslim and islamic presence can be clearly seen around the world. The letter below, an open letter to England, could well and should well, be written to every country who are now hosts to muslims.

    Take a few minutes to read the open letter below. Once finished, please send it to all you know and all of those you think may be interested. Translate it and then post, forward and publish it with my blessings. Time grows short, the hour is late, we have been asleep for far too long.

    Thank you, Don Laird



    England and Europe….harvest time is here……. reap your crop.

    In Britain you are reaping the sorry crop you have sown, will you now ask us to, once again, cross oceans and spill our blood doing what you refuse to. Have you no shame?

    As Britons, as men, you stand idle and indifferent as your heritage, your culture, your history and your country are destroyed. You turn away as social engineers and sneering academia fill your children’s heads with poisonous propaganda, turning them into haters of their own people and lovers, nay, worshippers of the black hearted, murderous cancer of islam. The hands of welcome and generosity you extended to muslims have been spat on and bitten. Your sacred traditions, customs and observances including your places of worship have been attacked, mocked and defiled by your muslim guests and you turn away, indifferent. Even your very monarchy suffers threat and derision and you hang your heads and look away.

    Is there no humiliation to great for you to suffer, no smear on the historical and cultural fabric of your nation too injurious? Many of you served your country in the military, do you not recall when you raised your right hand and swore an oath of allegiance? Do you think that oath to be no more than a casual utterance to be cast aside at a moment’s convenience? Many of you are fathers and family men, do you not feel shame as you look into the eyes of your women and children knowing the depths of your ignorance and cowardice? You shuffle away as your women are butchered and raped. You allow yourselves to be herded as cattle at the whim and fancy of your muslim immigrant guests. The very soul of your once great nation is sold to the lowest bidder, the lowest common denominator, criminals and malcontents, from third world countries around the world. You allow your entire lives to be destroyed at the hands of a corrupt bureaucracy, a corrupt judiciary, terrorists and human garbage.

    I watch you from across the Atlantic…you sicken me.

    Now, as spineless cowards, you Britons, trembling and whining, hiding behind the skirts of your women, shuffle quietly down the streets of your towns and cities ignoring the repeated assaults on the very foundation of your country and in so doing you squander our gift to you. The extent of your “revolt”, your outrage at the injurious actions of your muslim guests, is to crowd into pubs, miserable bloody drunken slobbering fools, slapping each other on the back and mumbling, slurring “Rule Britannia”. The extent of your fight against the cancer of islam are shaking fists and a couple of thrown rocks. Even your war dead; brave, honourable and noble men, who, in their death gave you freedom and whose sacrifice, whose sacred memory and priceless gift is spit upon and insulted by muslims, even this searing outrage fails to raise even the slightest indignation, even the slightest rebuke………. and still you stand, mute and motionless.

    You are beyond contempt.

    I am of Scottish descent. My ancestors can be traced back in North America to the landing at Plymouth Rock. My family has, through the past four centuries, poured sweat and spilled blood in the forging of a great nation, Canada. My family is closely tied to the United States of America. As the slogan says on the Peace Arch at Blaine, Washington State, the border crossing between Canada and the United States of America…we truly are “Children of a Common Mother”.

    Our nations have a rich history of greatness, progress and sacrifice and service to others. I recall our nations, our fathers and grandfathers, crossed oceans to confront a murderous Austrian tyrant, a madman who had set fire to the world. They did not waver, they did not flinch, they stood with clenched fists and grit teeth and, suffering much, gave Europe and Britain her freedom. Even my family knows of that sufferance and sacrifice as the bones of my grandfather, a soldier with the Calgary Highlanders and the 82nd Airborne Regiment, lay at rest on your soil in the Henri-Chapelle American Military Cemetery and Memorial in Belgium.

    How then, can the children of the men and women who suffered so greatly under the boot heel of National Socialism, squander the gift we and their forefathers gave them? The gift that is not theirs to squander but to keep sacred, to be passed from generation to generation, to be treated with breathless reverence and to be jealously guarded.. How can they turn a blind eye to the cancerous and corrosive political ideology of islam that threatens to, and has to some degree, destroy our gift to them and make them slaves once again?

    Will you ask, once again, for the assistance of the children of North America? Will you petition my children, my sons and daughters, for their lives, their blood to wrest the British people from ”neath the boot heel of islam? Will we answer the call from the children of Saxons, Anglos, Vikings, and the Norse? Will we remember our commonality and rush to your defense? Will we once again cross oceans to confront a scourge and a plague?….or will we turn away indifferent to your enslavement and your suffering?……will we turn our collars up and walk away, the dying screams of the once proud nation of Britain ringing in our ears?

    Freedom is precious. Freedom is a gift. England, must you lose your freedom to understand its rarity and worth?

    These are difficult times we live in and to quote a song “There’s something lurking in the room with me I cannot see but I smell its stinking breath” The times ahead will be more difficult than you can imagine. History does not speak kindly of those who ignore danger and threat and turn their backs on that which birthed and nourished them. I suppose you and you alone must decide where you stand and where you draw the line in the sand. You and you alone must decide the course of action, the extent of your resolve once that line is crossed.

    I am reminded of a line from the movie “Kingdom of Heaven”…it renders useless the arguments offered by those who, weak of will, follow the murderous direction of others and refuse to act on behalf of those in need. The King of Jerusalem, counseling a young knight on matters of conscience and courage of conviction, responds to one of his questions, he says, ” Even when those who move you be kings or men of power, your soul is in your keeping alone. When you stand before God you cannot say that I was told by others to do thus or that virtue was not convenient, this will not suffice”.

    So England my friend…..what is your convenience?…..what is the depth of your character?…..what is the breadth of your conviction?….. what does Britain and your ancestors mean to you?….What will be your legacy?…..What will your grandchildren say when they speak of you?…..Are you so faint of heart, so timid that you would sell out your very country for a moment or two of peace?. I myself think not……death comes to us all, each and every one….it makes no distinction. The grade is marked on your life and how you lived it. For many, they would say it is better to die on your feet than to live a life of compromise and quiet desperation on your knees and I, for one, am inclined to agree with them.

    In closing, I am reminded of the final paragraph from a Scottish legend, “The Devils Advocate”. I trust these few lines will not be the requiem mass, the epitaph of Western civilization. I trust these will not be the words that ring in your children’s ears as they suffer the murderous brutality of muslims and islam. The choice is yours.

    “Evil is among us because we have invited that evil. We suffered much but we brought upon our own sufferings. The Devil would have had no power over us but we gave him that power. We became bondsman because we willed it; we are in despair because we brought despair to our neighbours. We died because we acquiesced in death. We were silent when we should have spoken in behalf of our brothers. For a moments security we looked away when our neighbour was robbed. In behalf of a false peace we postponed a war with evil when we should have not been moved from our places. At every step we compromised, when we knew there is no compromise with hell. If the Devil is guilty we are not guiltless. In his condemnation we are included. In a judgment against him we are also judged. May God have mercy on our souls.”

    So what say you England, what say you?

    Just a couple of thoughts…..


    Don Laird

    Edson, Alberta, Canada

    EMAIL: acginc@telus.net

  2. Zuzana Dratovnikova Livingstone says:

    Dear Elizabeth, you are my hero, my inspiration. Keep fighting.

  3. m says:

    shalom shalom be shem YESHU’A and hag sameach for upcoming Pesach as a messianic I have also encountered problems at airports though more rare than not I am so happy that you are using your freedom for good works imagine the cruel evil that our L-RD underwent on our behalf to save us from Hell may HE Bless and Keep You and Your family and give you courage in the work HE has given you

    Thank You for taking a stand for yourself and all of us

    shalom shalom

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