Time to Say Thank You

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Yesterday was a crucial day in our fight against the Islamization of Europe and for the future of our civilization. As most of you know, I was acquitted of the charge of hate speech, but found guilty of denigrating religious teachings of a legally recognized religion. I am sure that you also know that this religion is Islam.

I can tell you that I am shaken to the core; not so much about the guilty verdict — that was a given from the start — but about the judge’s explanation for the verdict. These have been discussed elsewhere, so I will not go into them, but suffice it to say that it was indeed a dark day for young girls in Austria. What shocks me most, however, is that the judge is a woman who should know better. The reasoning used in her judgment is despicable, and a slap in the face for every woman and girl, from every race, religion, or nationality.

Marrying and molesting a child is not to be tolerated, not in the 6th century, not in the 16th century, and definitely not in the 21st century. One would expect a woman, let along a judge, to know this. But the future and the appeals court will hopefully show that this judgment is morally and factually wrong.

Since the curtain has now fallen on the first act of this tragedy, I now want to do a round of thanks. I am indebted to so many people from all over the world, and I will try to do my best to mention most of them here.

First and foremost, I want to honor the Counterjihad Collective, especially Baron Bodissey of Gates of Vienna. Without the tireless and selfless effort of these fine people, all of whom I am privileged to call friends, my case would have remained what it currently is in the MSM: ignored, at best vilified. It is amazing for me to see the results of this fine-tuned effort on a daily basis.

Imagine the following: My lawyer sends me a document regarding my case; I in turn send it to the German-English translator JLH, who in no time returns the translation to me. Baron Bodissey edits and posts on Gates of Vienna. Once the document is published, other translators grab the post and disseminate it in their blogs; other English language bloggers publish on their blogs.

If I am interviewed on camera, Vlad Tepes and KitmanTV are on hand to youtube these reports, and Baron Bodissey is on hand to post. Transcribers are called to action, with translators, to subtitle if needed.

The result is without a doubt the most comprehensive reporting about Counterjihad activities currently available. The MSM are not doing their jobs, we are. And we should be proud of this achievement. A big Thank You to all involved in this.

Second, I want to thank my family and friends for their support in these hard times. On many an evening was I cranky after having spent more than ten hours poring over the Quran, the Hadith, and The Reliance of the Traveller. You all know just how horrible the contents of these books are, and I can now tell you that studying Islamic texts can affect your psyche. I want to honor my daughter, who was more than patient when Mommy had an important Skype call to discuss some point raised by my lawyer.

Which brings me to my brilliant legal team. Dr. Rami and Mr. Strobl have been thrown into the cold water of Islamic doctrine. In little more than a year, they both became more knowledgeable in Islamic teachings than the majority of the population. They are now aware of the teachings of the Koran, they now know all about the sharia and its implications on our free society. And they did a marvelous job defending me and Western civilization. Thank you.

Heartfelt thanks and appreciation are also more than due to my supporters, be they politicians, bloggers, donors, and those who comment in those blogs and newspaper forums, whether you are from Europe, the United States, Canada or Australia.

Thank you, Geert Wilders, Rene Stadtkewitz, Kent Ekeroth, and Heinz-Christian Strache for repeatedly bringing up my case. Those political parties who so far have not understood the ramifications of this case will be judged by history.

Thank you also to the Wiener Akademikerbund, ACT! for America, Citizens’ Movement Pax Europa, The English Defense League, Riposte Laïque, and all other organizations that support me and continue to support me so generously. Without you I could not have gone through with this.

Thank you to the numerous well-wishers and supporters who have written to me in the past hours and days, or have written thoughtful comments about yesterday’s outcome.

I want to present two representative examples here:

One man from Koblenz:

As an ex-Muslim from Iran I want to wish you all the best and would like to support you if possible.

I also want to wish lots of strength and endurance in your fight against mafia called politics and law, which is controlled by the political left.

It is people like you who were in the resistance during the Nazi era, instead of swimming like dead fish in a stream of conformism and shutting up.

I hope that your appeal will be transferred to a judge who is still sane and who doesn’t retroactively legalize child abuse like the previous actor-judge.

Another comment:

What was the EU-framework decision combating anti-discrimination all about?
“No one may be discriminated against because of their (amongst others) beliefs.
Ah, yes, right. Do not discriminate. But indicting and charging one is allowed.

This is disgusting.

From the bottom of my heart I want the judge to experience what it means to live under Sharia law, especially if she has children. When the first “cultural enricher” rapes her daughter for the first time I suggest she read a few Koran suras to her daughter to comfort her.

Finally, please continue your support in whatever way you can. This is about all of you as much as it is about me. This is about our future.

Never give up.

Never give in.

Never surrender.

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  4. I have made Eticha.dk’s point of view here! In Danish.

    Henrik Ræder Clausen have published an astonishing analyse here (also in Danish): http://www.sappho.dk/domt-for-at-kalde-muhammed-padofil.htm

  5. Never allow sexual violence against children. One who marries a 6 year old girl and enforces marriage with the child in an age of 9 can legitimately be called a pedophile. There are probably talking of his man or woman has the special sexual interest in children over a longer period and that it has a greater significance for him. It is written that Mohammed is in love with a child who is only 6 years. Not like father and daughter love but sexually as a man woman realation. Love can be described as still as he enforces marriage as 9 years old. Ie, the condition has persisted in my 3 years and continues without interruption. There was therefore not a question of a sexual experiment or a few unique cases that could relieve him of what we in modern times called pedophile Semitism. In the case of Marc Dutroux, you could not call him a pedophile because the victims’ age did not seem to play a special role – he was a psychopath.

  6. DvDH says:

    The legal processes are on trial as much as the persons charged under it, when it comes to what is often cited as “freedom of speech”.

    In the end, the cases come down to freedom of speech versus incitement to hatred and when it crosses the line to illegality. Freedom of speech is important, if not sacred to us in the west (and should be for the rest of the world), but so is the rights to defend life and liberty to all. Are neo-nazis, holocaust deniers and those mongrels such as Ahmadinejad free and just to make their horrible calls to terror or are we hypocrits to condemn it, outlaw it for others but not for ourselves?

    You may not like Muslims and Islam and you may believe (wrongly) in Eurabia and that all Muslims seek Sharia and a global Caliphate (again wrongly) but in the end if you are a hypocrit then you must give them the freedoms that you seek, or you must condemn those that cross the line among yourselves as well as from those you target.

    Like the process against Geert Wilders, the trial is not only about the differences between freedom of speech and what consitutes illegal incitement to hatred, but it should not be forgotten that it is also a trial about Wilders, hatred and crossing that line of double-standards. Wilders recently condemned a cartoon that dipicted him as a Nazi but yet defended a more famous one that dipicted the Muslim Prophet Mohammed as a terrorist.

    His trial is important, not just on these two issues, but the ability of our courty system here in The Netherlands to be able to judge according to the law and the law alone. That is at the moment in doubt, not because of the weakness of the court system but the show-manship around it. As one senior Rabbi from Amsterdam said, “if Wilders had targetted Judaism as he has Islam he would already be in prison” – giving a very honest and clear point of view that the process is very much on trial, but let us not forget, so is Wilders.

    Europe suffered at the hands of collective hate for centuries, with Jews and other minorities suffering enormously and regularly. Each targetted by under the banner of nationalism and basic logic being surplanted by allowing the rumor-mill and exagerations (or context-abuse) to take hold to allow whatever agenda was pushed. This has not changed and the power of the internet being itself becoming the tool and the under the guise of freedom of speech. It has become the home for freedom to lie, freedom to distort and freedom to hate. The Eurabia myth (that somehow the population growth of Muslims will make it a majority by 2050) has proven to be impossible, that the Muslim world is after a global Caliphate (when only terrorists and radicals based in Europe asks for it and the 56 Muslim countries show no support or interest). That Islam is the cause for poverty in Muslim countries but somehow the poverty in the other developing countries that are not Muslim are somehow for “other reasons”. That chopping-up, cutting and pasting portions of the Muslim Koran is acceptable and intpreting only what radicals say and not the other and more silent 90 per cent is acceptable and of course freedom of speech.

    I am happy that your free but ask a simple question, what motivates your part in this farce?

    A proud Dutch national with a hatred for hypocrisy

  7. anonymous says:

    Never give up.

    Never give in.

    Never surrender.

    is very bad motto tells you to submit better motto is actions to do .

  8. Dr.Otto Fischer says:

    thank your for your prowess and the burden you took and take for the sake of us all!Good things,and:never give in!

  9. elitist says:

    Thank you for your your courageous work in defense of European civilization.

    Congratulations on your partial victory in court. The judge’s reasoning is so patently insane that you should win easily on appeal.

    I am a US American living in Germany for many years, and I now believe that European surrender to Islam amounts to a kind of mass psychosis, a form of collective suicide.
    This transcends politics, so more experimental and psychologically oriented tactics are probably required to combat it.

    The following story is my response to various Europeans who have told me solemnly that even if some countries will soon have Muslim majorities, there are nonetheless “legal mechanisms” to prevent sharia law from prevailing:
    the EU has regulations about all of that, and “the elites will never allow it”!

    The Tiger and the Law

    Dedicated to Elizabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff

    A small village was plagued by attacks by a tiger, which had developed a taste for human flesh. The council of elders got together and resolved to pass a new law: from now on, it would be strictly forbidden for tigers to consume that particular delicacy. The text of this resolution was posted around the village on placards, so that the tiger couldn’t fail to see them during its next sojourn to the village.

    One day soon thereafter, the tiger slunk into the village, and was about to eat a man. The man, however, was not in the least afraid, because he knew about the new law. As the tiger approached, he tore one of the placards from a nearby tree, and waved it defiantly in the tiger’s face:

    You see, he taunted the bewildered animal, you can’t eat me, it’s the law!!

    After sniffing the piece of paper politely if mistrustfully, the tiger took it in its mouth, chewed it diffidently for a few moments, spat it out, and calmly proceeded to dine on the man.

    The tiger, it seemed to the elders, had learned a certain degree of respect for the law: the next time it came into the village, hungry, looking for human flesh, and the next, and the next as well, it tamely refrained from chewing on any of the placards. And even though it did not actually refrain from consuming further villagers on a regular basis, they cultivated the conviction that its restraint with regard to consuming placards, at least, was an indication of new and welcome civility on the animal’s part.

    The council of elders covered its disappointment by proclaiming the tiger’s evident deference for the law to be an unmistakable sign of progress: further proclamations and edicts designed to curb the tiger’s behavior were to follow in short order.

    In truth, the tiger’s thinking was quite different from what the village elders has assumed: it had obliged the gentlemen who had proffered the placard – it had tasted the law. But it had found the flavor of paper, ink, and glue paste to be singularly unappetizing. And politeness, after all, can be taken only so far.

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