Live Blogging Elisabeth’s Trial, 3rd Session

Elisabeth’s trial resumes today and Russia Today interviewed her yesterday and forwarded the video to Vlad just prior to it being released online on their site. This post will stay at the top today, till Elisabeth’s trial ends in the afternoon. Here’s the video interview:

Elisabeth and her lawyer enter the building

Waiting to go inside

Discussions on what to expect

The smirking judge awaits

Elisabeth gets seated

Reading of the charges and delivering the verdict

12:10 Judge: the integration of muslims is surely a question of particular public interest – you are allowed to be critical – but not incitement of hatred

(- judge states the allowed utterances)

The language used in the seminars were not inciting hatred, but the utterances regarding muhammad and paedophilia were punishable.

“Paedophilia” is factually incorrect, since paedophilia is a sexual preference which solely or mainly is directed towards children. Nevertheless, it does not apply to mohammad. He was still married to Aisha when she was 18. It is a “denigration of religious teachings” and are found guilty and sentenced to 120 days, which approaches the minimum of € 480.

12:20 The hearing is closed.

12:21: Unrest breaks out in the room. Elisabeth’s lawyer has appealed against the verdict.

NOTE: So by default, any rapes of children by Muslims around the world of “young brides” is not classified as rape or pedophilia by this judge.

Elisabeth states:”it’s a sad day foir my daughter and all girls out there. “I’m Partially guilty. Incitement to hatred: “Not guilty”. I’ve been fined 480 euros.

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10 Responses to Live Blogging Elisabeth’s Trial, 3rd Session

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  2. Will Rice says:

    “Paedophilia” is factually incorrect, since paedophilia is a sexual preference which solely or mainly is directed towards children. Nevertheless, it does not apply to mohammad. He was still married to Aisha when she was 18…” By this inane judgment the twisted monster, Phillip Garrido, who imprisoned Jaycee Dugard for 18 horrific years beginning at age 11 wasn’t guilty of paedophilic acts. Oh, I see what the smirking inquisitor was telling the civilized world: mohammed doesn’t meet the DSM4 definition of paedophile.
    His violations of Aisha during her childhood were acts of paedophilia – evidence but not proof of paedophilic predilection. Sacred Muslim scriptures, declared absolutely true by 13 centuries of Islamic tradition, confirm that at age 9 years Aisha was called in from where she was playing on the swing-set with other little girls to begin her scarring years as a victim of child rape – the non-technical term used in all civil societies to describe sex with a child.
    Question? What if instead of a declarative statement our brave decent hero had framed a question? For example: ‘What’s more important: whether mohammed does or does not meet the DSM4 definition of paedophile – or if his actions, as sworn to by Islamic canon, constitute child rape?’ Pilloried by the inquisition’s fiats – saved by them too?
    Perhaps its time for a freedom of expression insurance fund?

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  7. Ryan says:

    This verdict is a travesty!

    How cowardly the leadership of Europe has become. Some have finally declared that multicuturalism is a failure yet do nothing. I see little but the incredible stupidity of the elite, buying just a little more time in their ivory towers at the cost of selling out the “little people”, until their own throats are finally in jeopardy from Fundamental Islam.

    From an American perspective, I can’t even fathom a “civilized” country that won’t allow its citizens to speak freely. How can any muzzled society be dynamic and able to work out solutions to their problems? Has Europe already capitulated to Islam in practice, just not in name? Why should my country protect such a place?

    I don’t want to see civil war(like Bsonia) in Europe, but if these problems aren’t addressed for PC reasons, it will come to this when the citizens run out of patience and push government aside. It’s hard to imagine that the leadership is unable to see it coming or believes it can stop it by persecuting the messengers.



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  10. wallace says:

    ann barnhart agood ole american girl.using bacon & burning pages of the koran
    has more balls than this chicken shit austrian judge…….

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