Elisabeth Speaks at EDL Rally in Luton

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2 Responses to Elisabeth Speaks at EDL Rally in Luton

  1. Dutch JTF says:

    Your speech was great Elisabeth. It was really nice to see you again.
    Whenever you are in the Netherlands I will give you as many 2hour Shiatsu treatments as you like, because you deserve it.

  2. Jernhesten says:

    Hey Elisabeth

    I am one of 6 writters on Hodjas blog (which is on you list of supporters).

    I have noticed a pretty strange thing. That is that you self and Gates of Vienna have said that about 6.000 people took part in the EDL demonstration in Luton on the 5th of February this month.

    However the English police have said that only 1.500 people took part?


    I have looked on some videos of the demonstration and I must say I believe you more then the police.

    However I hope you will be kind enough to comment on this. Like how do you reach the number of 6.000 participants? What do you think about the English police saying something difference?

    I will then translate you answer too Danish and bring it on the blog.

    I hope very much to hear from you. You can answer me here on to my e-mail – or bothJ

    Best regards


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