Breaking News: Danish Free Press Society President Lars Hedegaard Acquitted…….

First published at the Tundra Tabloids

This is good news, and the Tundra Tabloids is happy that he was acquitted by the court, but the problem is that he was acquitted solely because he didn’t expect the interview to be made public. More than likely if he had known that the unedited taped interview was going to be disseminated to the public at large, he would still be facing a sentence of some sort. These hate speech laws need to be attacked from every which direction.

Lars Hedegaard acquitted in racism

31. January 2011 13:06 Inland

President of the Free Press Society, Lars Hedegaard, in the Court of Frederiksberg acquitted of racist statements.

The background is a good 35 minutes long interview to the site which Hedegaard gave in December 2009.

Here, said Hedegaard, among other things, that “girls in Muslim families are raped by their uncles, their cousins or their dad.”

The Court believes that Heath’s statements are insulting, but he was dismissed because he did not know that the interview that took place during a juleforkost, would be published.

Regretted statements

Lars Hedegaard has previously expressed regret if his statements gave the impression that he would accuse all Muslims of abusing their children.

The day after the interview he stressed that his opinions were about Islam and not Muslims.

The prosecutor would have Lars Hedegaard fined penalty because the 68-year-old journalist has not previously been convicted of violating racism paragraph.

The priest Jesper Langballe was last year fined 5000 dollars for publicly backing up Hedegaards opinions.

H/T: Vlad Tepes

Lars Hedegaard interviewed here on Russia Today:

H/T: For the video,Veritas Universalis

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